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Thank you for your interest in baton and/or dance training for your child. Whether you are enrolling for the first season or returning for continued participation, we believe you and your child will find it a rewarding experience.


Parent Involvement
Parent encouragement is essential to your child’s success and enjoyment. Your input is requested and appreciated. Parents of competitive twirlers are strongly encouraged to watch the last week of classes each month. All other classes will be closed to spectators unless special permission is granted. Parents of competitive twirlers will be asked to contribute volunteer time to raise funds for club operating costs and optional individual account funds. Please attend Parents’ Meetings and read the Parents’ Information Manual for further information.

In order to receive full benefits from classes, students must be PUNCTUAL AND ATTEND REGULARLY. Missed classes cause your child to fall behind, making it hard on them, their team members and instructors.
• Students should arrive 5-10 minutes early to change their footwear and warm up.
• Every student should bring a water bottle as well as a book and pen or pencil to make notes in to every class.
• If a student will be missing, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the director.
• Parents please ensure you are on time to pick up your child and encourage them to wait inside the building until you arrive.
Due to the nature of scheduling throughout the year at these public facilities, we are often forced to relocate classes from time to time. Please check the web site often to confirm the location of your class(es).

Conduct & Safety
• No gum chewing in class, it is a choking hazard when exercising.
• For safety sake, no watches, necklaces, bracelets or dangling earrings.
• Cell phones are to be turned off and put away while in class.
• Students are expected to be quiet during class instruction. Please treat your instructors and fellow students with respect and in turn they will do the same for you
• All students must take full responsibility for any personal items brought to classes. The Baton & Dance Company assumes no responsibility or liability for lost or stolen items.

Class Attire
Students are expected to dress appropriately for their classes. Appropriate attire allows teachers to fully assess body placement and makes the student feel like a performer!
• Hair should be neat with long hair fastened entirely back in a bun or pony tail.
• Baton students should wear close fitted active wear and jazz shoes.
• Jazz/Technique students should wear close fitted dance wear (bodysuit and tights, dance top and jazz pants), black or beige jazz shoes or black jazz sneakers.
• Acrobatic students should wear close fitted active wear and bare feet.
• Students are expected to follow the dress/equipment code. Failure to continually not meet the dress/equipment code may lead the student to be excused from class.

If any of the above policies are not followed the instructor may either ask the student to sit out or excuse them from the class.

Baton Competitions
Our 2nd Year baton students are encouraged to compete locally at the Pre-Competitive Level. Although it is not compulsory to compete we do encourage our baton students to move in this direction as it provides an avenue to grow and improve in the sport! Once they have been introduced to competitions our students have many opportunities to compete at the local, provincial, national and international levels of the sport.

Year End Recital
Our season concludes with our Year-End Recital. All students take part in the recital - it is the highlight of the year enjoyed by all. Tickets go on sale for our recital in early May. A costume is required for all our dancers and twirlers for the recital, however, costs are kept to a minimum. Costumes details are sent out in May and payment is due in May.


All classes will run from September to June. Monthly tuition is based on 34 lessons per season. This takes into account holiday weekends, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Some weekly classes may end up with 1 or 2 extra classes during the year. These classes are considered “courtesy classes” and are not charged for. The total tuition is divided equally into 10 monthly payments.

Payment Options
The following payment options are available:
• 10 Post-dated checks (Sept.-June)
• 4 Quarterly Payments (Sept. 1, Dec. 1, Mar. 1, May 1)
• 2 Half Payments (Sept. 1 & Feb. 1)
• 1 Seasonal Payment
• Checks payable to Baton & Dance Co.
• Month to month payments NOT ACCEPTED
• Payment for private lessons will be invoiced at month end. Payment is due by the 15th of the following month
• Please ask the Director about Family Rates

Lessons will be invoiced at the beginning of September with payment due at your first class of the season. You can register directly on the website.

There will be no refund if your child misses a lesson, however, lessons that are cancelled by instructors will be made up or refunded. The studio has little control over gym cancellations by the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation Department. Every effort will be made to make up cancelled time.

A FULL MONTH cancellation is required for each student. The registration fee will be forfeited. Students may transfer classes if space is permitting. If it is necessary to discontinue your child’s lesson(s), a full month will be charged in lieu of notice and all remaining post-dated checks and/or prepaid balances will be returned to you. The Director must be notified in person, by email, telephone or in writing.

NO refunds will be granted after March 1st. Anyone wishing to withdraw after this time will forfeit their fees from March to June.

NSF Cheques
A NSF charge of $20.00 will be applied to all NSF cheques.

Referral Discount
We believe strongly in word-of-mouth advertising. If you and your child are excited about our classes spread the word! If you refer another student to our studio and they mention your name when registering you will receive 50% off one child’s monthly lesson fees!

Membership Information
Our twirlers are required to purchase a membership with the Alberta Baton Twirling Association. Membership privileges include: insurance, participation in local, provincial, national and international sanctioned competitions, affiliation to the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation, funding and grant opportunities, scholarship Opportunities, clinic/camp/workshop training for athletes, technical courses for coaches and judges, participation in the CBTF Badge Program, ABTA newsletter, access to the ABTA video library.

Membership Fees for Twirlers
$15.00 for Recreational and Pre-Competitive Students
$40.00 for Competitive Students
Membership fees are invoiced and collected through our Parents’ Clubs in late September

Registration Fees for Dancers
$21.00 per family
Payment for Registration Fee is due with your first lesson payment

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