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Pre-Competitive Baton Twirling

The Pre-Competitive Level is designed to ease recreational athletes into the competitive realm of the sport. Students will learn and may compete in 6 nationally standardized events. Students are also encouraged to take a separate Dance class and a Pre-Competitive group. They may attend 3 local baton competitions throughout the season and have the option of competing in out of town competitions.

Class Time: 3/4 Hr. per week.


Basic March is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete a repetitive skill which requires timing, rhythm, coordination and presentation. The athlete will march in two 8 count squares (counter clockwise and clockwise).

Forward Motion is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete basic movement, dance and timing techniques. It is a progression from Basic March due to the additional body demands.

Pre-Medley is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete how to perform 5 basic body elements (turn, kick, leap, lunge, spin) with proper body technique. This nationally standardized routine is designed to display correct body technique and movement to a standard piece of music.

Pre-Solo Dance Twirl is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete the concept of blending simple baton skills together with simple dance steps. The prescribed routine is set to standardized music nationwide.

Pre-Solo is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete a serious of standardized basic twirls(vertical and horizontal full hand twirls, flips, finger twirls, and rolls). The prescribed skills must be accomplished within the 1:09 musical time frame.

Pre-2-Baton is designed to teach the Pre-Competitive Athlete an elevated degree of co-ordination and ambidexterity by having them learn to twirl 2 batons at one time. The routine consists of stationary basic baton and body skills and is performed to the Pre-Solo Music.

Pre-Group is designed to teach Pre-Competitive Athletes the foundation of teamwork – good baton and body technique, special awareness, musical understanding, partner work and unison. Coaches may select their own music for this event.

Please refer to the schedule page for locations and times. Due to the nature of scheduling at public sports facilities, we are forced to relocate some classes from time to time. Please check the What's New page often to confirm the location of your class(es), or subscribe to our News Feed.

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